About Us

Rita Appleton

Rita Appleton was born in 2015 with the goal of offering the best price/quality ratio to the real estate market, mainly in Lisbon. Our focus is the true rehabilitation of buildings and subsequent sale of the fully renovated apartments, the so-called "turnkey" product for those who hate works. We are committed to treat each case as a case and to reach each client's wishes, allowing them to follow the development of the projects and renovation work, participating in the creation of their home to their liking.

Underlying each project is the premise of a strong component of urban rehabilitation with minimal changes to the original design of each building, but giving it a modern, comfortable and sophisticated character.

We want to contribute to the recovery of cities, improving the quality of life of those who live and visit them.

Alongside this activity, we have renovated and refurbished the Horta dos Cedros, making it a unique local accommodation, five minutes away from the center of Tomar, in a bucolic place, surrounded by vegetable gardens and by the Nabão River. As well as the Ajuda Luxury Appartments, apartments prepared and equipped for those who want to spend a few days in Lisbon.

Our goal

Horta dos Cedros is our family home and where we have always enjoyed receiving friends and family. Now we have decided to share it with those who visit Tomar and want a special, attentive and familiar welcome.

In Lisbon, at Ajuda, we have prepared cozy and refined apartments, carefully arranged for those who want to spend a few days in the city of the seven hills, on the way to Ajuda Palace and so close to Belém.

Rita Appleton is in charge of managing our accommodation project, along with other urban rehabilitation projects she has in hand.